Annie Willems
~Labor Doula in Salem, Oregon~

"Birth is not only about making babies.  
 Birth is about making mothers
strong, competent, capable mothers 
who  trust themselves 
and know their inner strength."
 -Barbara Katz Rothman
My name is Annie Willems and
I am a Certified Labor Doula in the Salem, Oregon, area
I support moms and families during the pregnancy experience- providing clients with information on area hospitals, maternity care providers, birth planning, and routine childbirth and newborn procedures. During active labor, I give continuous emotional, informational, and physical support.
Whether your delivery is a VBAC, planned cesarean section, 
or in your own home.
...Completely natural
or with an epidural the
second you walk  in the door.
...Whether you're 16 or 45.
...If this is your first birth or your tenth.
I'm here to support YOU in
an experience that will be a part of your story for the rest of your life.
Feeling nervous about welcoming your little one into the world?
Let's talk about how a 
doula can help.

Would you like more information?
Contact me by phone or email to request more
information on the services I offer.

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